With VTS Vacuum Collectors

With VTS Vacuum Collectors

With VTS Vacuum collectors

The forced circulation system consists of a vertical hot water tank, VTS Vacuum collectors with vacuum tubes (U-pipe) and a solar station with an automatic controller. The complete system also includes connection & valve kit, an expansion tank, anti-corrosive and anti-freezing fluid. An electrical resistance, supports for flat or slopping roofs can be added according to each type of installation.

VTS Vacuum collectors offer maximum performance throughout the year due to the following features:

  • U-pipe copper vacuum tubes for greater durability and perfect insulation, treated with high selective coating for higher performance.
  • Ultrasonic welding of the copper fins on the copper U-pipe for enhanved thermal conductivity and improved resilience to strong thermal shocks.
  • CPC reflectors for maximum expoitation of diffused radiation.

Quick Facts

  • Higher efficiency due to better transfer of the solar thermal energy from the collector to the vertical hot water tank using a pump.
  • Provision of unlimited hot water 24 hours a day due to the smart operation of the solar station and the high storage capacity of the vertical hot water tank.
  • Discreet installation with good aesthetics that respects the architecture of your home as the collectors “lie down” on the inclined roof or are installed at a low height on the flat roof while the vertical hot water tank is installed in the boiler room.