VTS vacuum

VTS vacuum

VTS-12 / VTS-14 / VTS-16

VTS is a Calpak collector of unique design using ultrasonic welding of the copper fins on the copper u-pipe thereby providing outstanding performance and reliability.  This contributes to the significant enhancement of thermal conductivity between the copper fins and the copper u-pipes. In addition, the use of copper fins considerably improves the resilience of the collectors to strong thermal shocks.

The carefully calculated radius of the specially designed parabolic shape of our reflectors (CPC) enhances the exploitation of diffused radiation.

The aluminium profiles used for the header and the side parts of the VTS collector contrib­ute notably to the sturdiness of its structure.

Quick Facts

  • Highly efficient evacuated tube collector
  • CPC reflector for optimal performance even under diffused radiation conditions
  • Black header made of anodized aluminum with strong insulation of expanded polyurethane and fiberglass
  • 12, 14 or 16 high selective vacuum tubes easy to be replaced
  • U-shaped copper tubes
  • Inner ultrasonic welded copper fins for optimal thermal conduction
  • Limited weight for easy handling
  • Production of 6 to 16 tubes collectors upon request
  • Certified with Solar Keymark