VTS Vacuum Tube Collector

VTS Vacuum Tube Collector

VTS-12 / VTS-16

The VTS is a Calpak collector of unique design using ultrasonic welding of the copper u-pipe thereby thereby providing outstanding performance and reliability.

Innovative characteristics

  • Ultrasonic welding of the copper fins on the copper U-pipe

This contributes to the significant enhancement of the therma conductivity between the copper fins and the copper u-pipes. In addition, the use of copper fins considerably improves the resilience of the collectors to strong thermal shocks.

  • Specially designed parabolic reflector (CPC)

The carefully calculated radius of the parabolic shape of our reflectors enhances the exploitation of diffused radiation.

  • Aluminum header and side profiles

The aluminum profiles used for the header and the side parts of the VTS collector contribute notably to the sturdiness of its structure.