Prisma flat plate collector

Prisma 2.0 / Prisma 2.5

Innovative & Smart

Prisma is an innovative flat plate collector patented by Calpak. It introduces in the solar thermal industry a unique polymeric material, primarily known and used in the automotive industry. This material, applied in the collectors’s casing, strenghtens its composite structure, achieves absolut humidity protection and offers a perfect finishing.

Prisma is the result of a demanding and lengthy R&D process whereby Calpak closely collaborated with High-end technology experts. It is created by Calpak’s fully robotized production plant that ensures standarized quality.

Prisma is the smart choice for adding value to your solar thermal installation!!

Quick Facts

  • Overall higher manufacturing quality
  • Increased streangth and durability
  • Perfect sealing against humidity
  • Supreme energy performance
  • Unparalleled finish (clean-cut look)