M5 full plate high selective

Μ5 full plate high selective

M5-210 /  M5-260 / M5-260H / M5-300 / M5-300H

Using the cutting-edge technology of our new smart factory we took our premium solar collector line to the next level. The M5, whilst maintaining the unique structural sturdiness of its predecessor, raises substantially its performance and is solar-keymark certified as one of the most efficient solar thermal collectors in the market (η0= 80%).



1. Double-wall alumimium profile 2,4mm
This frame offers increased durability and enhanced insulation.

2. High performing absorber
Made of a dense harp, with 12 laser-welded copper risers, and 0,5mm full plate ultra-selective surface.

3. Boltless construction for clean looks
The glass and aluminium base are compressed so as to form a sturdy totality with a prism-like facade.

4. Integrated support attachments for ease of installation and universal compatibility
This collector can easily and safely be adjusted on different types of inclined or flat roof supports.