M4 flat plate selective

Μ4 flat plate selective

M4-210 /  M4-260 / M4-260H / M4-300 / M4-300H

M4 collector redefines the standards of sturdiness and durability with its innovative characteristics. Double wall-frame aluminium profiles offers increased durability and enhanced insulation (very low thermal losses). This unique profile is combined with a high selective Tinox absorber and a 3,2mm tempered low iron ( >91,5%) glass. The glass and aluminium base that are compressed in a boltless construction form a sturdy totality with a prism-like facade. This collector can easily and safely be adjusted on different types of inclined or flat roof sup­ports. In addition, its specially designed elastomeric and engineering plastic parts ensure complete sealing protection. With 5 different models from 2 sqm up to 3 sqm it can meet the most demanding requirements for any kind of project.

Quick Facts

  • High selective type collector (Tinox, e<3,5%)
  • Double wall aluminium profile frame
  • Boltless frame
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Thick rock wool insulation
  • 3,2 mm low-iron tempered glass
  • Certified under Solar KeyMark/SRCC
  • Compressed structure