Fresh Water Ultratanks

Fresh Water Ultratanks

X-flow Fresh Water Ultratank

X-flow fresh water ultratank is the result of a unique technology by Calpak in hot water tanks. Achieving an optimal management of energy was one of the biggest challenges of our company’s R&D department.

The ground-breaking technology of our new fresh water tank, which is protected
by international patent, ensures extremely fast and efficient conduction
of heat.Your benefit, according to official laboratory measurements, is
an extra energy saving of 25% when compared to a conventional tank!

Available in tanks of 500-2000L and combined with heat exchangers with outflow of 1500 L/h, 3000 L/h and 4500 L/h at Δt=1!

Quick Facts

  • Top energy efficiency of the fresh water heat exchanger 99%.
  • Minimum divergence between load and supply temperature (Δt=1).
  • Prevents the development of the Legionella bacteria.
  • Great life span with minimal maintenance costs.
  • Prompt heating of domestic water to the desired temperature.
  • Constant supply of hot water at the desired temperature.
  • Combined ideally with heat pumps and solar collectors
  • Easy installation and replacement of existing tank
  • Easy extensibility to other auxiliary sources
  • Suitable for residential and commercial projects as well as hotels