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Technology & Quality

New models are under a steady process of development and their performance is measured with scientific methods all year round and under all weather conditions in cooperation with international research institutes.

Research & Development

Equipped with a wealth of technical know-how and a heritage of Research and Development, our Company had, as far back as 1976, invested in in-house state of the art laboratory facilities. Such enabled the calculation of efficiency measurements prompting further amelioration of the products, at a time when no other organisation was able to do so.

Today, our R&D department is still dedicated to ensuring the continuous enhancement of our existing products and systems as well as the development of new models in cooperation withleading international and domestic research institutes and universities.

We always aim for higher efficiency, durability and novelty of design. At the same time we remain consistent with our philosophy according to which we add value up to the point that this makes sense from the economical point of view of the end users who expect to rapidly amortize their investment.

Our innovative designs are materialised when our products are manufactured in our vertically organized and robotized premises. The quality of production is guaranteed by standardised procedures and thorough testing controls that are certified under the ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, Calpak’s collectors and hot water tanks are certified with numerous international and national quality marks, such as Solar-Keymark, CE, CSTB, SRCC and SABS that can be utilized by ortransferred to your company under certain conditions.

Approved Quality

Calpak solar water heaters are produced in a vertical production line using raw materials of the highest quality. The hot water tanks and the collectors are designed in Germany according to DIN standards in order to yield the highest performance and durability.

In the production process of the Solar Water Heaters, Calpak has applied its own thorough testing control system that is certified by Lloyd’s and DQS EN ISO 9001:2000 n°485027 QM08.

All our best selling collectors are certified with the SOLAR KEYMARK*.

Calpak is also proud of having tested successfully the performance of its products according to European and Greek standards by Democritos Institute (Greece), ITW Stuttgart (Germany), INTA/CENER (Spain), ENEA (Italy) and INETI (Portugal), and certified them by SABS (South Africa),  PROSOL (Tunisia), and the Certificación de Conformidad del Instituto de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Spain).

Calpak is a member of the official European Solar Thermal Industries Federation (ESTIF).

* Certifications N° SKM 9907/1-1, SKM 9907/1-2, SKM 9907/1-3