Our Company

Ιt is our aim to establish a sustainable and commercially viable solar energy business

Calpak has more than 42 years of experience in the conversion of sunlight into thermal energy and the provision of innovative solar thermal equipment at an unparalleled price-quality ratio.

Calpak was established in 1976 by BP (British Petroleum) and ever since has remained in the lead of research, development and production of solar thermal products in Greece.

The factory of the company is situated in Corinth in a 25,000m² field. The actual covered area for the production is 4000m². New production areas are under construction in order to cope with the increasing demands. The headquarters of the company are located downtown Athens.

Well established in the Greek market, Calpak is now facing the challenge to spread its products all over the world, supporting that way the rescue of our planet. Our continous growth encourages us to continue…

It is our aim to establish a sustainable and commercially viable solar energy business. We remain committed to the development of solar thermal systems that are able to meet the individual demands for a safe, reliable and clean form of energy.


Calpak has been already exporting its products with great success in many other European countries, but also all over the 5 continents through distributors and OEM clients.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of solar thermal energy in a global scale serving the current needs of society for hot water and keeping a constant eye on the future to see how those needs might evolve.

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Area Export Sales Manager


Export Sales Manager for Germany, Austria & Switzerland