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The Company

Calpak was founded in 1976 as a subsidiary company of BP (British Petroleum) and soon became the first company in Europe to make the use of solar energy for domestic hot water familiar to the consumers. Since 1990, it continues its successful course as a purely Greek company. Up to date, more than 300,000 Calpak solar systems have been installed in European householders whilst Calpak remains a pioneer in the field of research, development and production of quality solar thermal collectors and hot water tanks.

The Factory

The factory is located near Korinthos, 90km away from Athens. The area covered by two production buildings is 9,000 sq. m.

The new modern production facility has been recognized as the most advanced Greek industry in terms of robotic technology. It started its operation in 2019, setting the production capacity of Calpak at a remarkably high level.

Moreover, the new Calpak plant is the first in Greece to implement 5G technology aiming for capabilities of a smart production unit, as well as artificial intelligence in robotic welding for continuous automatic improvement (welding machine learning).

Research & Development

Inspired by its rich heritage in research and development (back in 1976 our company was, on a European level, the first to invest in private laboratory facilities for solar collector’s efficiency measurements), Calpak continues being at the forefront of technology research through a strong network ogf collaborations with renowned universities, international laboratories and other technological institutions. Indicatively it is worth mentioning Calpak’s participation in two Horizon 2020 programs, the successful registration in the European Patent Office of two international patents of high technological value and above all the start of production and commercial distribution of radically innovative products.


Calpak has always been an extrovert company with a multi-national culture, performing sales in various markets around the world. However, during the last 10 years, taking advantage of its new production capacity and through the steady participation in many international exhibitions, it has managed to gain even greater export momentum, establishing a successful presence in many important and demanding markets such as Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy, the Middle East, America etc. In 2019 Calpak’s exports accounted the 56% of its annual turnover

The Future

Our faith in the global potential of the industry that believes in technology is very strong. Through decisive steps, we will continue investing in contemporary means of production as well as in the talent of our people so that we continue creating products up to the expectations of our customers.

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