Calpak History

Soon after the first petroleum crisis of 1973 the BP (BRITISH PETROLEUM) group -as a multinational company- decided to extend its activities into other sources of energy, except oil.

Calpak BP is founded by British Petroleum having the task to make solar energy economically viable.
The model Calpak Neo, the first thermosiphonic system with an horizontal closed circuit tank, is put in production. The history of technological innovation has just begun.
A state of the art solar laboratory, the first of its kind amongst all European industry, is installed in the premises of Calpak to enable accurate measurements that were needed for the further development of solar technology.
The mass production of the model Calpak Mark2 has started. This thermosiphonic system had such a great commercial success that changed the perception of solar thermal energy all around Europe.
Calpak becomes the European leader in the large scale solar thermal installations as well, mainly covering domestic hot water needs of hotels with high-tech complete solutions.
Calpak gets independent from BP and continues its very successful course as a Greek owned company
Calpak has become export oriented taking part in almost all major international trade fairs of the heating sector. It is the first year that exports account for more than 50% of the total turnover.
A major investment plan takes place in order to expand the production plant and renovate its machinery intending for better quality and bigger production capacity.
Calpak launches for the first time the production of high-end vacuum tube collectors.
Calpak initiates the production of laser welded full plate flat collectors.
Calpak completes the first installation of a solar combi system for space heating and domestic hot water.
Calpak is awarded as one of the first 10 companies all around Europe to certify its collectors with the SolarKeymark quality mark.
Exports of Calpak have expanded in all continents of the world.
The production of CL line starts, a complete line of high quality floor standing hot water tanks up to 9000lt.
Long-term agreements are made with the National Center for Scientific Researh “Democritus”, the University of Patras, the National Technical University of Athens, the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources and other scientific and technological institutions that strengthened substantially the Research & Developments ability of Calpak.
Significant investments are made towards the technological improvement of the productions means of Calpak. Robotic technology is now widely used in our factory enabling unprecedented precision in the welding processes and increasing a lot the maximum capacity our production.
The innovative new line of thermosiphonic systems and flat plate collectors Mark4 break through with great success thank to their superior design and quality.
A new category of fresh water tanks is born in our R&D premises! The revolutionary technology of the new Calpak gse ultratank enables it to store and transfer heating energy at an efficiency rate of 99%. This unbelievable attribute results to at least 25% economy making the Calpak gse the first tank that can be amortized in less than a year!
The construction of our new and modern production plant started and soon will house our vision for the future!
Calpak's new plant is a fact, announcing the new era in the design and production of solar systems through the most high-tech and intelligent robotic machines ever.

Our goal is to manufacture more efficient and long-lasting CALPAK Solar Heaters in order to distribute them to the whole world. Sun is everywhere and everyone is entitled to take advantage of some of its energy and have plentiful hot water without problems.

In this way, we help people keep their household budgets low and contribute to the protection of the environment, as the Solar Heater is the most ecological appliance.