VTN vacuum

Vacuum tube collector with parabolic reflector: 12VTN / 14VTN/ 16VTN

Collector with vacuum tubes internally equipped with U-type copper tubes and double fins for higher performance. The CPC reflector, made of highly reflecting aluminum, ensures high efficiency even under the most adverse solar conditions. The header is insulated with fibre glass and polyurethane and finished with black anodized aluminum. Standard size 12 VTN (other sizes from 6 to 16 tubes are available on request).

Quick Facts

  1. Highly efficient evacuated tube collector
  2. CPC reflector for optimal performance even under diffused radiation conditions
  3. Black header made of anodized aluminum with strong insulation of expanded polyurethane and fiberglass
  4. 12, 14 or 16 high selective vacuum tubes easy to be replaced
  5. U-shaped copper tubes with inner aluminum fins insuring perfect thermal conduction
  6. Limited weight for easy handling
  7. Production of 6 to 16 tubes collectors upon request
  8. Certified with Solar Keymark No. SKM 9907/1-1

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