Thermosiphonic Systems

The compact thermosiphonic applications of Calpak are the most convenient and economically sensible way to harness the power of the sun

The German company INTERDOMO, a specialist in the designing of hot water tanks, has designed our jacketed solar tanks (based on DIN and EN standards).

The use of vitreous enamel as anticorrosive agent together with the perfect shape of the tank and the ample service flange were INTERDOMO’s novelties.

These new features made Calpak solar tanks by far more durable and cost- effective than all other rival products made of stainless steel or steel painted with epoxy resins.

In addition polyurethane rather than fiberglass or rockwool was chosen for the thermal insulation of the tank because this material stabilizes the coating and penetrates into all difficult points, keeping water hot all night long.

Aluminum either in granulated form or painted white was preferred from the coarse shiny stainless steel. Black colour could be a choice.

The success of this solar tank was so big that today more than one hundred and fifty thousand tanks are still in use providing households with free hot water.

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