Forced Circulation Systems

Calpak Central solutions of forced circulation meet the most demanding requirements 
for comfort and efficiency

Calpak produces its own floor standing hot water storage tanks (150 – 1000 lt) and thus can provide all components needed for a complete central system. A typical Calpak system with vacuum tube collectors comprises of VTN collectors, enameled hot water tank with double heat exchanger, solar station with automatic control system, expansion tank, sloping roof supports, special heat transfer fluid and full set of connecting bolts.

Floor standing hot water tanks ranging from 150L up to 500L can be matched
with a number of vacuum tube collectors to address all needs for volume and efficiency. The size and type of collectors and the volume of the tank to be selected depend on the specific requirements and the purpose of use of the customer (e.g. volume and temperature of domestic hot water, percentage of contribution of solar energy to the central space heating system).

A wide variety of systems is available for up to 90% coverage of hot water requirement and around 30% support of space heating.

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