Calpak History

Soon after the first petroleum crisis of 1973 the BP (BRITISH PETROLEUM) group -as a multinational company- decided to extend its activities into other sources of energy, except oil.

So, in 1976 BP CICERO HELLAS COMPANY with its factory in Corinth, which specialized in the production of Solar Heaters, started developing and producing models that were new to the whole world by the time. The first Solar Heaters made their appearance in the Greek market under the name of CALPAK and very soon dominated the market acquiring the 60% of it.

After a while CALPAK, being a leader in its field decided to design and develop a new state-of-the-art model. Therefore, the German company INTERDOMO engaged the designing of the solar heater in collaboration with the top executives of CALPAK, under the leadership of a PhD engineer. Also, the British research centers of BP as well as other national institutes participated in this project. The result was the creation of the model MARK 2 which was immediately admired for its quality and reliability.

Additionally, new modern machinery was bought in order to cover the mass production of that model and an agreement was made with London's LLOYD'S inspect and approve the produced tanks so that their quality is guaranteed. The success was great. 12.000 units (or approximately 30.000 collectors) were sold in one year. Many famous hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, and about 100.000 houses had already installed CALPAK SOLAR HEATERS for the production of hot water.

In the early 90's BP decided to leave the area of the renewable sources of energy and focus on activities related only to oil.

So, the control of CALPAK was taken over by ANDREAS KONSTANTINIDES LTD one of the oldest and most reliable Greek companies in air-conditioning.

Consequently the factory of Corinth was renewed and expanded. A new series of welding machines were bought and the cost of the tank production was reduced.

The new model CALPAK Mega was simpler, more economical and more efficient. Furthermore, the company expanded its activities in the air-conditioning market (CALPAK Air Conditions) and in the natural gas market (CALPAK Homegas).

The CALPAK Mega series was enriched with new models, such as the model Mega S with a selective collector and with a tank of 220 L.

This model with a few minor changes and improvements is still available in the market under the brand name: SERIES "1".

With these new models the company thrived and flourished not only in Greece but also in Europe and elsewhere as well. The company also continues its research and development programs in order to design innovative models, which will be produced very soon.

Our goal is to manufacture more efficient and long-lasting CALPAK Solar Heaters in order to distribute them to the whole world. Sun is everywhere and everyone is entitled to take advantage of some of its energy and have plentiful hot water without problems.

In this way, we help people keep their household budgets low and contribute to the protection of the environment, as the Solar Heater is the most ecological appliance.

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