Calpak CL Hot Water Tanks

Calpak CL Vertical Tanks of 150 – 1000 lts

Calpak CL hot water tanks can be combined with 1 or 2 heat exchangers, and their volume varies from 150 to 1000L.

  1. All tanks are enamelled according to DIN 4753.
  2. All tanks have expanded polyurethane insulation according to DIN 53420.
  3. In each tank, the anti-corrosive protection is completed by 1 or 2 Magnesium anodes according to DIN 1243-2,2 that are installed under the top flange of the tanks, for easy access.
  4. All the tanks have also a lateral flange of Ø 170 to allow easy cleaning.
  5. All tank connections have female threads.
  6. The insulation protection and the tank’s cover are made of PVC, they have a zip, and can be changed easily if necessary.
  7. Calpak avails electric immersion heaters of 1,5–9 kW.

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